Congratulations Pavlo!

PhD Candidate Pavlo Kostetskyy receives the Fall Term 2014 Outstanding PhD Paper Award!! Congratulations Pavlo!!

Great Work Michael and Natalie!

Michael Taylor and Natalie Austin publish their work titled “Catalyst Design Based on Morphology- and Environment-Dependent Adsorption on Metal Nanoparticles” as a letter in ACS Catalysis! Kudos to Michael and Natalie!

Welcome John!

John Hoover joins our lab as an undergraduate researcher. Welcome John!

Paper Featured on Cover!

Our paper titled “Au13: CO Adsorbs, Nanoparticle Responds” is featured in the cover of issue 32 of the Journal of Physical Chemistry C!! Congratulations to Natalie Austin and Prof. J. Karl Johnson for this nice work! The Swanson School of Engineering made a press release about our discovery!!

Great job Pavlo!

Pavlo Kostetskyy publishes a new paper titled “Structure-activity relationships in the production of olefins from alcohols and ethers: A first-principles theoretical study “ in the Catalysis Science and Technology journal. Great job Pavlo!

Congratulations Natalie!

Natalie Austin publishes her paper titled “Au13: CO Adsorbs, Nanoparticle Responds” in the journal of Physical Chemistry C. This is a collaborative between our group and Prof. J. Karl Johnson at Pitt. Congratulations Natalie!

Pavlo and Jyoti Publish!

Pavlo Kostetskyy and Jyoti Prakash Maheswari (visiting researcher from NIT, Warangal, India) publish a paper in the journal of Physical Chemistry C “Understanding the Importance of Carbenium Ions in the Conversion of Biomass-Derived Alcohols with First-Principles Calculations”. Congratulations guys!

NAM24 Meeting!

Our group participates in the NAM24 meeting! Natalie Austin contributes an oral presentation titled “Adsorbate interactions with metal Nanoparticles” and Pavlo Kostetskyy a poster presentation titled “Structure-Activity Relationships in Alcohol Dehydration on Metal-Oxides”. GM serves as a poster chair of the conference (total of 600 poster presentations) with Elise Fox and Xingyi Deng.

Welcome to CANELa!

Carly Nolan, Brandon Butina and Dania Furuqui join our lab as undergraduate researchers! Welcome guys!

NSF Fellow and Honorable Mention!

PhD Candidate Natalie Austin received the prestigious NSF Fellowship and graduate student Michael Taylor received an honorable mention. Well done guys!!!! Read the Pitt Engineering article Here.