Raffaele's work on the cover of ACS Catalysis!

Raffaele Chuela, visiting scholar from Politecnico di Milano, has his article, titled “Modeling Morphology and Catalytic Activity of Nanoparticle Ensembles Under Reaction Conditions” highlighted on the cover of ACS Catalysis! Great work, Raffaele!!!

Michael publishes in ACS Nano!

Michael Cowan publishes an article, titled “Heterometal-Doped M23 (M = Au/Ag/Cd) Nanoclusters with Large Dipole Moments”, in ACS Nano. Nice job, Michael!!

Rosalba publishes in Nanoscale!

Dr. Rosalba Juarez-Mosqueda publishes her third CANELa article, titled “Ligand Exchange on Au38(SR)24: Substituent Site Effects of Aromatic Thiols” in Nanoscale! Great work, Rosalba!!!

Anantha publishes!

Anantha Nagarajan (along with Dr. Rosalba Juarez-Mosqueda and Michael Cowan) publishes his first article, titled “Elucidating the stability of ligand-protected Au nanoclusters under electrochemical reduction of CO2” in SN Applied Sciences! Congratulations, Anantha!!!

James wins best paper!

James Dean wins the Pitt ChemE Fall 2019 outstanding PhD paper! Congratulations James!!

CANELa is growing!

Mona Abdelgaid, Sungil Hong, and Maya Salem join CANELa as PhD students! Welcome to the group!!

Robin publishes!

Robin Tan (along with James Dean and Prof. Mudit Dixit) publishes his first article, titled “Predicting Metal-Support Interactions in Oxide-Supported Single-Atom Catalysts” in Industrial & Engineering Chemistry Research. Congratulations, Robin!!!

Rosalba publishes!

Dr. Rosalba Juarez-Mosqueda publishes an article in Physical Chemistry Chemical Physics, titled “Elucidating the optical spectra of [Au25(SR)18]q nanoclusters”. Congratulations, Rosalba!!

James and Michael publish!

James Dean and Dr. Michael Taylor publish new article: “Unfolding adsorption on metal nanoparticles: Connecting stability with catalysis” in Science Advances! Congratulations James and Michael for the great work!!!