Michael Cowan Defends PhD Proposal!

Michael Cowan successfully defended his PhD Proposal titled: Structure-property Relationships of Ligand-protected Metal Nanoclusters. Congratulations Michael!

Great job Anantha!

Anantha Venkataraman Nagarajan publishes a new paper titled “Mono-Palladium Substitution in Gold Nanoclusters Enhances CO2 Electroreduction Activity and Selectivity” in the ACS Catalysis journal. Great job Anantha!

Great job Evan!

Evan Miu publishes a new paper titled “Predicting the Energetics of Hydrogen Intercalation in Metal Oxides Using Acid-Base Properties” in the ACS Applied Materials & Interfaces journal. Great job Evan!

Mona publishes!

Mona Abdelgaid (along with James Dean) publishes her first article, titled “Improving Alkane Dehydrogenation Activity on γ-Al2O3 through Ga Doping” in Catalysis Science & Technology! Congratulations, Mona!!!