Kyung-Eun You, PhD

Postdoctoral Researcher

Jan. 2023 — Nov. 2023

After CANELa: LyondellBasell Industries

Juganta K. Roy, PhD

Postdoctoral Researcher

Sept. 2021 — Aug. 2023

After CANELa: Assistant Professor at West Texas A&M University

Hyunguk Kwon, PhD

Postdoctoral Researcher

Aug. 2021 — Feb. 2023

After CANELa: Assistant Professor at Seoul National University of Science and Technology

Cristian Morales, PhD

Postdoctoral Researcher

Sept. 2019 — Dec. 2021

After CANELa: S&T Research Chemist at PPG

Dylan Bayerl, PhD

Postdoctoral Researcher

Mar. 2019 — Sept. 2020

After CANELa: Scientific Software Engineer at Naval Nuclear Laboratory

Rosalba Juárez Mosqueda, PhD

Postdoctoral Researcher

Oct. 2018 — Sept. 2019

After CANELa: Sorbonne University, France

Mudit Dixit, PhD

Postdoctoral Researcher

Jan. 2017 — Mar. 2019

After CANELa: Assistant Professor, LPU, India


Evan Miu

PhD CandidateNSF GRFP FellowCo-advised by Prof. James McKone

Dec. 2018 — June. 2023

After CANELa: Post-doc at the Manthiram lab at Caltech

Anantha Nagarajan

PhD Chemical Engineering

June 2018 — Aug. 2022

After CANELa: Process Engineer III at Applied Materials

Michael Cowan

PhD Chemical Engineering

Dec. 2017 — Dec. 2021

After CANELa: Computational Materials Engineer II at CoorsTek

James Dean, PhD

PhD Chemical Engineering

Dec. 2016 — Dec. 2020

After CANELa: Computational Scientist at Exabyte

Michael Taylor, PhD

PhD Chemical Engineering

Dec. 2014 — May 2019

After CANELa: Post-Doc, Kulik Group, MIT

Raffaele Cheula, PhD

Visiting Scholar

Sept. 2018 — June 2019

After CANELa: Post-Doc, Maestri Group, Politecnico di Milano

Natalie Austin, PhD

PhD Chemical Engineering

Dec. 2013 — Aug. 2018

After CANELa: Rotational Engineer, Covestro

Pavlo Kostetskyy, PhD

PhD Chemical Engineering

Dec. 2013 — Apr. 2018

After CANELa: Post-Doc, Broadbelt Group, Northwestern University

Denny Loevlie

Computer Vision Engineer at KEF Robotics

June 2021 — Jan. 2022

Emily Freeman

MS Chemical Engineering

Dec. 2018 — Mar. 2021

After CANELa: United States Patent and Trademark Office

Kaiyang (Robin) Tan

MS Chemical Engineering

Dec. 2017 — July 2019

Zihao Yan

MS Chemical Engineering

Dec. 2016 — Apr. 2018

After CANELa: PhD Student, Zhu Group, Virginia Tech

Xi Peng

MS Chemical Engineering

Dec. 2015 — Jul. 2017

After CANELa: Registration Officer, Pfizer


Richard Aversa

Undergraduate Researcher

Brenno Ferreira

Undergraduate Researcher

Nicholas Devlin

Undergraduate Researcher

Malena Rybacki

Undergraduate Researcher

Julia McKay

Undergraduate Researcher

Dec. 2017 — Dec. 2019

After CANELa: Regeneron Pharmaceuticals

Sean Cotton

Undergraduate Researcher

Feb. 2021 — May 2023

Ethan Holbrook

REU Fellow from Wright State University

Summer 2019

After CANELa: Undergraduate, Materials Science & Engineering

Jonathan Estes

Undergraduate Researcher

After CANELa: PhD Student, Chemical Engineering, Drexel University

Eric Miller

Undergraduate Researcher

June 2018 — Dec. 2018

Mahmoud Ramadan

REU Fellow From Ohio University

Summer 2018

After CANELa: Undergraduate, Chemical Engineering, Ohio University

Mitch Cholewinski

Undergraduate Researcher

Jan. 2017 — May 2018

After CANELa: PhD Student, Biomedical Engineering, Baylor University

Ashley Mascareno

REU Fellow From Arizona State University

Summer 2017

After CANELa: Engineer, Blockwise Engineering

Macy Divens

Undergraduate Researcher

Jan. 2016 — Jan. 2017

After CANELa: Junior Project Engineer Specialist, Veolia Water Technologies

Peter Tancini

Undergraduate Researcher

Jan. 2015 — Jan. 2017

After CANELa: Process Development Engineer, Johnson Matthey

Brandon Butina

Undergraduate Researcher

May 2015 — Jan. 2016

After CANELa: Project Engineer, Precise Packaging LLC

John Hoover

Undergraduate Researcher

Aug. 2015 — Dec. 2015

After CANELa: Division Officer, US Navy

Isadora Carnaval

Undergraduate Researcher

Jan. 2015 — Dec. 2015

After CANELa: Process Engineer I, Aristosys, LLC

Dania Faruqui

REU Fellow From Maulana Azad National Institue of Technology

Summer 2015

After CANELa: Consultant, Ernst & Young

Carly Nolan

Undergraduate Researcher

May 2015 — Jul. 2015

After CANELa: Inside Sales Representative, Thermo Fisher Scientific

Nick Zervoudis

Undergraduate Researcher

Jan. 2015 — May 2015

After CANELa: PhD Student, Chemical Engineering, Columbia University

Tybur Casuse

REU Fellow From University of New Mexico

Summer 2014

After CANELa: Masters Student, Environmental Engineering, University of New Mexico

Jyoti Maheswari

REU Fellow From National Institute of Technology Warangal

Summer 2014

After CANELa: Masters Student, Data Science, University of San Francisco

Olabobola Shobayo

REU Fellow From University of Maryland Baltimore County

Summer 2014

After CANELa: Dev/Ops Engineer, Karsun Solutions, LLC