Congrats Natalie!

PhD candidate Natalie Austin publishes a new paper titled CO2 activation on Cu-based Zr-decorated nanoparticles in Catalysis Science and Technology. Congrats Natalie!

Great Work Xi!

Graduate student Xi Peng publishes a collaborative paper titled Potassium-Promoted Molybdenum Carbide as a Highly Active and Selective Catalyst for CO2 Conversion to CO in ChemSusChem. Great work Xi!

Congrats Pavlo and Nick!

PhD candidate Pavlo Kostetskyy and recent graduate Nick Zervoudis publish a new paper titled Carboranes: the strongest Brnsted acids in alcohol dehydration in Catalysis Science and Technology. Congrats Pavlo and Nick!!

NSF Career Award

GM was awarded the CAREER award by the National Science Foundation (NSF)!! This is NSFs most prestigious award in support of early-career faculty who have the potential to serve as academic role models in research and education and to lead advances in the mission of their department or organization.

Great Job Michael!

PhD candidate Michael Taylor received the Advancing Research Through Computing (ARC) 2017 Conference Best Poster award which came with a $500 travel stipend. Great Job Michael!!

Natalie Participates in the Nobel Laureate Meeting

PhD candidate Natalie Austin was awarded to participate in the 67th Nobel Laureate Meeting (focus on Chemistry) which will be held in Lindau Germany in June 2017. Congratulations Natalie!!

Congratulations Pavlo!

PhD candidate Pavlo Kostetskyy was selected to be one of two Graduate Student Directors for the Executive Committee of AIChE Catalysis and Reaction Engineering Division. Congratulations Pavlo!!

Welcome Mitch and Jonathan!

Mitch Cholewinski and Jonathan Estes join our lab as undergraduate researchers! Welcome guys!!

Welcome Mudit!

Mudit Dixit joins our lab as our very first Post Doc. Welcome Mudit!!

Awarded the 2016 James Pommersheim Award

Prof. Mpourmpakis was awarded the 2016 James Pommersheim Award for Excellence in Teaching in Chemical Engineering by the University of Pittsburgh!! He is the first Assistant Professor to receive this award!