1. Chapter in Book: “Chemistry of Carbon Nanotubes” (V.A. Basiuk and E.V. Basiuk, Eds.) by American Scientific Publishers, Title: Interaction of hydrogen with carbon Nanotubes, G. Mpourmpakis, E. Tylianakis, G. E. Froudakis

  2. Laboratory Exercises of Physics, Technological Educational Institute of Crete, School of Health and Social Welfare, Department of Human Nutrition and Dietetics. (in Greek) Authors: Fthenakis Zaharias and Mpourmpakis Giannis.

  3. “Theoretical Investigation of Hydrogen Storage in Nanomaterials” Chemistry Department, University of Crete (PhD Thesis, in Greek)

  4. “Stabilization of Silicon Nanotubes by Encapsulation of Transition Metal Chains” Chemistry Department, University of Crete and Foundation for Research and Technology Hellas (MS Thesis, in Greek)